LIFE+AQUASEF is an integrated innovation project which connects different actions to improve energetic and environmental sustainability in aquaculture.

The project aims to reduce emissions from aquaculture production through the development of innovative technologies and by combining best operational practices. Maximising synergies with key on-going processes at the site will benefit the mitigation strategy, i.e.: microalgae culture will provide feed supplies to fish nutrition and it will help to fix a large part of the CO2 generated by the boilers used to warm water for the hatcheries.

These technologies will focus on demonstrating a cost-effective way to:

1. Reduce CO2 emissions from energy production through the implementation of renewable energy system (solar photovoltaic and wind power turbine) used to power pumping system, site lighting system and mix tank systems.
2. Produce Oxygen in-situ through electrolysis ensuring necessary ventilation in hatcheries.
3. Achieve efficient and low-cost ventilation through a micro-bubble nozzles technology.
4. Use the excess of hydrogen generated in the electrolysis process to generate additional power.

The project also focus on the recovery of residues for valorization by injecting CO2 into microalgae culture where is fixed and it becomes in feed supplement.