Grupo tres Mares S.A.

Grupo Tres Mares S.A. farms rainbow trout from the ova stage until portion trout.

The farm started its activity in 1969 in Lires Cee (La Coruña). In 1991 the farm was sold to Grupo Tres Mares S.A.

At present Grupo Tres Mares S.A. is the first producer and exporter of the region, the second of Spain and one of the most competitive farms of EU, what has made the company export leader in several trout products in Spain, thanks to their processing facilities. It´s processing plant fillets, freeze and packs up to 15,000 kg day. The production is around 2,000 to 3,000t of trout per year in different trout products; the export rate is 70% to EU, mainly.
The assortment includes:

  • Portion trout (175-350 g) fresh, white or red meat.
  • Gutted Portion trout (175-350 g) fresh, white or red meat.
  • IWP white frozen, bulk pack, bags or retail boxes
  • Fresh trout fillets and butterfly fillets.

Our major principle is to make products according to the requirements of the client and to satisfy this way his expectations of safety, quality, legality, process and specifications. This is possible thanks to our commitment with our clients, the environment, our human resources, animal well-fare and investing in our facilities.
In the last years Grupo Tres Mares S.A. has made important investments in infrastructure and technology, which have turned her into one of the more competitive companies of trout farming of Europe as for efficiency, quality and sustainability. The company has been pioneer in Galicia in the creation of a laboratory of auto vaccines of own use for their specific pathologies and has realized diverse projects related to the animal health financed jointly with National and Regional funds of research and development programs.
The farm is GlobalGAP certificated, a standard internationally recognized on good farming practices, which guarantee that the food complies with the established level of quality and safety and that they have been elaborated with criteria of sustainability, safety, hygiene and well-fare of the workers, the respect to the environment and the animal well-fare.

The main commercial activity is the export to countries of center and North Europe, which are the major consumers of frozen trout. The expectations of the clients are transmitted to the different departments, by adapting the processes, fulfillment of new quality requirements or research and development of new products. The international projection of the company complements itself with the usual participation in events and exhibitions.
The farm occupies 95.255 m2, the great majority in private domain. The water surface is 38.653 m2, set in a hatchery and 350 concrete ponds.
The fresh water intake comes from two rivers (3500 l/s), seawater intake up to 1000l/s. The seawater is mixed with fresh water in the facilities in different concentrations.
The effluent treatment is formed by five drum filters and three settling ponds of 5.653,41 m2 of surface.
There is capacity to reuse 1500 l/s of water, by pumping it to two different points of the farm.
Other facilities besides the hatchery and ponds:
Processing plants with 2,600 m2 of total surface, freezing capacity of 15 t per day, and fresh storage of 8 t.
Oxygen plant
Liquid oxygen deposits and oxygen control network.

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